Waking up naturally when you're not a morning person

Waking up can be the most difficult part of your day especially when you're not naturally a morning person. Sometimes, when I don't have a good morning or when I feel rushed, I tend to be more negative or more easily irritable for the rest of the day. For these reasons, I have tried these simple tips that uplift my morning routine and will definitely help you wake up naturally and set the tone for the rest of your day.

1. When waking up, I first need a good stretch to get going and then start my morning routine by drinking a big glass of room temperature water. Drinking a glass of water is a good way to quickly rehydrate your body after 6-8 hours of sleep. Drinking water has so many positive benefits as you all may know, but after doing a little more research, I learned that one of the main indicators of fatigue and tiredness is that you are dehydrated.

2. I then head over to the bathroom to spray my favourite mist to my face. It instantly makes me feel more awake. My morning mist has black pepper, rosemary, juniper, eucalyptus and bergamot essential oils. You can easily make your own by using a base of water, witch hazel + any of your favourite essential oils.

3. Drinking my morning coffee is such an important part of my morning. Some may say coffee is not a natural way to wake up but caffeine is a stimulant - it raises your heart rate and blood pressure to boost your energy levels and mood. However, if you're not a coffee person, I suggest a nice mint green tea to boost your energy. I also try to eat a balanced breakfast every morning. My go-to is usually eggs because they not only taste delicious, but they can help give you instant energy due to their omega-3 fatty acids. I also have a greek yogourt, grapefruit or a banana.

4. If I haven't showered the night before then this is where I would shower and bring along an essential oil. A steam shower prepares you well for your day. I either apply essential oils to my wrists or to the bottom of the shower. I like using grapefruit or eucalyptus because they both have amazing properties for feeling rejuvenating.

5. If I have time or wake up earlier, lighting our candles while I'm getting ready can also help me. I opt for one that fits best my mood but often I choose a citrus aroma because it wakes you up naturally. For example, our "Balanced Peace" candle has lavender, petit grain, bergamot and lemon essential oils. Also, "Happy Blend" is great because it is such a cheerful aroma with lemongrass, palma rosa and ylang ylang essential oils.

6. Before leaving the house, it is crucial for me to take care of my skin before applying my make-up or even when going for the no make-up look. I wash my face with a natural cleanser that I started making myself. Then, I apply a mist toner spray and a rich hydrating face oil. After trying many different oils, my favourite one is definitely French plum oil. I discovered it by living in France. It literally makes my face feel like silk and instantly wakes me up + the smell is just amazing.

These steps basically resume my morning routine. You can easily start by trying out one or two of these tips. Instantly, your mornings will become more enjoyable and you will feel more prepared for the rest of your day.